Surgical Venture at ITD Hospital, Uripok Imphal Manipur

OKTI Foundation, Sant Parmanand Hospital in collaboration with Rural committee of IMS, AOGD & RCOG NZ organized eight Surgical Ventures at remote villages in six states of the country in year 2017. A total of 269 poor patients got benefited from surgeries and many got the advantage of the awareness and the screening programme. Ten patients were operated in Manipur from 14th to 16th April 2017. The Ventures were conducted at following locations free of cost.

A Surgical venture was organized at ITD Hospital Uripok, Imphal, Manipur on15th and 16th April 2017 in which 10 patients were operated free of cost .This camp was financially supported by the Shree Cement Company. The Surgical team included Dr.T C Sharma, Dr. Gurpreet Singh Popli and Mr. Th. Romesh. All the Patients were discharged in satisfactory condition.

S.No Name Sex Age Address Name of the Procedure.
1. Thangjam Bigky Male 8yrs Ukhongsang Herniorrhaphy
2. L.Enaoton Male 9yrs Ukhongsang Herniorrhaphy
3. M.Addision Male 16 months Ukhongsang Herniorrhaphy
4. Th. Ibochou Male 68yrs Bamon kampu Mayai leikai TURP
5. Th.Sanatomba Male 51yrs Bamon Kampu mayai leikai Anal Fistulectomy
6. H.Gokul Male 57yrs Uchekon khonou Pyelolithotomy
7. Y.Raghu Male 40yrs Uripok Pyelolithotomy
8. Th.Naocha Male 40yrs Sagolband D J stenting
9. T.Rajesh Male 35yrs Patsoi part 1 URS
10. I.Basu Male 27yrs Yarembam URS