The main aims and objectives of the OKTI FOUNDATION are:

Main Objectives
  To provide subsidized & affordable medical, surgical care to common people.

  To provide counseling and giving direction to people who are struggling with life issues.

  To address issues related to adolescent health.

  To address issues related to ageing process.

  To educate public about healthy living.

  To provide information and education / useful knowledge and the medical advice to general public through
     awareness camps, lectures by expert team of doctors and learned persons.

  To provide relief to poverty stricken rural people.

  To provide sanitation.

  To promote adoption (especially those for girls).

  To construct hospitals, old age homes, orphanages etc., for charitable purposes and provision of support

  Advancement of any other object of general public utility.

There will be no profit motive, whatsoever and all its activities would be promoted solely by service motive.