Report of Surgical Venture held on 24 th to 26th November 2017 at Lehmon Hospital, Herburtpur, Uttarakhand

Surgical venture was organized at Lehmon Hospital Herburtpur, Uttrakhand  inNovember 2017 by Okti foundation under aegis of Indian Menopause Society, AOGD. Total of 29 patientswere operated free of cost. This camp was financially supported by ONGC.

The Surgical team included Dr T C Sharma

All the patients were discharged in satisfactory condition .

S.No Name Sex Age Diagnosis Procedure
1. Sumita Female 50yrs Prolapse Uterus TVH
2. Santo devi Female 45yrs Left ureteric partial injury Cystoscopy proceed left DJ stenting
3. Jjitender kumar Male 24yrs Nephrolithiasis Right PCNL
4. Farzana Female 20yrs Cholelithiasis Cholecystectomy
5. Pankaj Male 13yrs Urethrocutaneous fistula Fistula repair
6. Jannet Female 33yrs Cholelithiasis Lap cholecystectomy
7. Babloo kumar Male 28yrs Cholelithiasis Cholecystectomy
8. Vimla Female 50yrs Cholelithiasis Cholecystectomy
9. Jansi rani Female 54yrs Cholelithiasis Lap cholecystectomy
10. Anuj Male 4yrs Postoperative epigastric hernia Mayo s hernia repair
11. Sushil kumar Male 35yrs Haemorrhoids Haemorrhoidectomy
12. Baru Male 39yrs Haemorrhoids Haemorrhoidectomy
13. Rekha Female 45yrs Fibroid uterus TAH+BSO
14. Rajni oraon Female 43yrs lump Lump excision
15. Saroj Female 55yrs Prolapse uterus TVH
16. Laxmi devi Female 42yrs Cholelithiasis Lap cholecystectomy
17. Thallo devi Female 49 yrs Prolapse uterus TVH
18. Rekha Female 39yrs Hernia Mayo s hernia repair
19. Devanand Male 38yrs Hernia Mesh Hernioplasty
20. Meena Female 56yrs Prolapse uterus TVH
21. Sheetal Female 22yrs Bilateral breast lump Lump excision
22. Sushma Female 35yrs Cholelithiasis Lap cholecystectomy
23. Sabi devi Female 47yrs Fibroid uterus NDVH
24. Basanti Female 42yrs Fibroid uterus TAH
25. Varginia Female 42yrs Right nonfunctional kidney with left renal calculi Nephrectomy
26. Vishal Male 11yrs Hypospadiasis Hypospadias repair
27. Hanif Male 65yrs BPH TURP
28. Afsana Female 35yrs SUI Cystoscopy
29. Sapna Female 30yrs Nonfunctional kidney Nephrectomy