Civil Hospital, Joginder Nagar, Himachal Pradesh-November 10-11, 2018

In all, 17 patients were operated with financial support by Shree Cement Pvt Ltd . The Surgical team included Dr George Verghese, Dr Vinod Kalla, Dr Naresh Singla, Dr Apurna, Dr Amrita, Dr Krupa George, Dr Shailesh, Mr Harish, Sr Raksha and Sr Ancy.

Sant Parmanand Hospital, Delhi

Low risk patients were selected for surgeries at remote locations while the high risk patients were brought to Sant Parmanand Hospital, Delhi for effective surgical management in collaboration with the ONGC. During 2018, 22 such patients were operated at Sant Parmanand Hospital by Dr Sonal Bathla, Dr T.C Sharma, Dr Preeti Yadav, Dr. Kalla, Dr B.N. Seth & team. The administration of the hospital including Sh B.G.Bangur, Sh B.R. Maheshwari, Dr Shekhar Agarwal and Dr Nirmala Agarwal were ever encouraging.

List of Surgeries

S.No Name Age Sex Diagnosis Procedure  
1. Varginia 50 Male Renal Stone Left DJ Stent removal, Left PCNL
2. Shazia Awais Shamsi 22 Female Pregnancy LSCS
3. Gulfam Kusar 45 Male Haematuria Cystoscopic Biopsy
4. Pooja Tiwari 28 Female Completed Family Lap Sterilization
5. Tushar 15 Male Ureteric Stone DJ Stenting, Right RIRA
6. Qamar Sultan 60 Male Ureteric Stone B/L DJ Stenting
7. Parveen  Kumari 56 Female Bladder Tumour TURBT
8. Kishwar Jahan 45 Female Ureteric Stone Left URS with DJ Stenting
9. Pushpa Singh 28 Female Pelvic Pain Laparoscopy Hysteroscopy
10. Tapsi 28 Female Infertility Laparoscopy Hysteroscopy
11. Tsultrim Paljor 78 Male Urinary retention Cystoscopy with TURP
12. Taariq 22 Male Haematuria Cystoscopic Biopsy
13. Sunita 27 Female Pregnancy LSCS
14. Samoon 42 Male Ureteric Stone DJ Stent removal, Rt URS
15. Nafeddin 36 Male Ureteric Stone DJ stent removal
16. Shahzadi Begum 47 Female DUB Vaginal Hysterectomy
17. Leelawati 29 Female Infertility Laparoscopy with Hysteroscopy
18. Ravinder Verma 56 Male Ca Buccal Cavity Radical Surgery
19. Rama 35 Female Fracture Acetabulum Reduction
20. Roys Thomas 40 Male Hydrocole Hydrocoelectomy
21. Anita Devi 36 Female Menorrhagia Hysterectomy
22. Dropadi Devi 50 Female Menorrhagia D& C