Report of Surgical Venture held on 11th and 12th Sept 2017 at Duncun Hospital, Raxaul, Bihar

A Surgical Venture was organized at Duncun Hospital, Raxaul Bihar on 11th& 12th September 2017 by Okti foundation under aegis of Sant Parmanand Hospital, Indian Menopause Society & RCOG (NZ). A total of 27 patientswere operated free of cost. This camp was financially supported by ONGC. The Surgical team included Dr George Verghese, Dr T C Sharma, Dr Uttam Mahaptra & Dr Preeti Yadav.

S.No Name Age Sex Diagnosis Surgery
1. Shanti Devi 45 Female Renal Calculi PCNL
2. Nagma Khatoon 25 Female Uv prolapse VH with PFR
3. Saraswati 60 Female Stage IV POP VH with PFR
4. Shrimati Devi 36 Female UV prolapse with cystocele VH with PFR
5. Ruth Maltoo 40 Female Fibroid uterus TAH with Right BSO
6. Parwati Devi 50 Female POP VH with PFR
7. Sakila Devi 45 Female 1st degree POP with Menorrhagia VH with PFR
8. Meera Devi 44 Female Vault Prolapse Anterior culperrhaphy with
sacrospinal fixation
of vault with perineorraphy
9. Usha Devi 40 Female POP VH with PFR
10. Renu Devi 55 Female POP VH with PFR
11. Ajay Kumar Srivastava 40 Male Urethral Stricture Cystoscopy with urethral dilatation
12. Giraja Devi 60 Female Right ureteric stone Stone removal with DJ stenting
13. Bhimal Baitha 65 Male BPH TURP
14. Rahman Miyan 60 Male BPH TURP
15. Mohd Miyan 55 Male BPH with Abscess bladder neck region TURP with drainage of abscess
16. Indu Devi 30 Female Post Menopausal BPV TAH with BSO
17. Ramabesh Patel 60 Male BPH TURP with drainage of abscess
18. Arun Kumar Girija 59 Male BPH TURP with drainage of abscess
19. Rahul Kumar 20 Male Right renal stone PCNL
20. Ram Bihari SIngh 65 Male BPH Open transvesical prostatectomy with SPC
21. Raj Kali Devi 26 Female Right renal calemer PCNL
22. Poonam Devi 22 Female Left Ureteric calcus Left ureteric stone removal with DJ stent
23. Bina Taing 42 Female Right renal calculus Right PCNL
24. Poonam Devi 40 Female Ureteric calculus Left URS
25. Paras Sah 60 Male BPH TURP with drainage of abscess
26. Asha Rani Lal 52 Female Uretheral Stricture Urethral Dilatation
27. Anup Ashish 37 Male Cystoscopy