IMS rural committee 2015

The Rural Committee of Indian Menopause Society was born in January 2015. In a span of one year Thirteen Free Surgical Ventures were conducted in collaboration with OKTI foundation,Sant Parmanand Hospital Delhi and RCOG NZ in which 268 surgeries were conducted. Three chapters were published, 2 Conferences were organized and many lectures were presented. Free Surgical Venture at Joginder Nagar Himachal Pradesh on 22nd and 23rd May 2015 in which 19 major surgeries were conducted by Dr George verghese, Dr Arpit, Dr Vinod Kalla, Dr Assuntha Sponsored byJaguar Foundation Ltd and Suvidha Diagnostic Centre.

Free Surgical Camp at Manali ,Himachal Pradesh on 20th and 21st June 2015 in which 23 major surgeries were conducted by Dr George Verghese, Dr Vinod Kalla, Dr Raminder Sehgal, Dr TC Sharma, Dr Sonal Bathla

Free Cataract Surgeries for poor elderly underprevilidged women at Sant Parmanand Hospital on 31st July 2015 in which 25 women were subjected to the catract surgery.

Sponsored by Okti Foundation , IMS, RCOG(NZ)

Free Surgical Venture at Lehman Hospital, Herburtpur in Oct 2015 sponsored by ONGC in which Dr Viju, Dr Sweta Balani, Dr Ashley, Dr Popli operated on 26 patients.

Free Surgical Venture at Duncon Mission Hospital, Ruxol, Bihar sponsored by ONGC in Oct 2015 in which Dr George Verghese, Dr TC Sharma, Dr Sonal Bathla, Dr Sumita, Dr Uttam, Dr Saira operated on 40 poor patients. 23 patients were subjected to endourology including URS & PCNL & 16 cases of prolapse were operated upon.

Bihar Surgical Camp - Special Report
The Okti Foundation is an organization dedicated to provide free surgical services to the poor patients in remote villages. It works on the principle of generating funds & skill from cities to be utilized for poor, needy patients whose surgical intervention would lead to an improvement in their quality of life. The Surgical Venture conducted in Duncon Mission Hospital, Raxual, Bihar was an eye opener. In this camp 40 patients from poor socio economical strata were taken up for major surgeries. Thirteen elderly patients were subjected to vaginal hysterectomy with sacrospinous fixation for prolapse, three were subjected to abdominal hysterectomy with one patient having 1.75kg sub mucous cervical fibroid. It must have been a pain to bear the weight of that mass for 3 years with its added nuisance of menorrhagia. Its difficult for a widow to hunt for free surgical services in her vicinity. Endourology (PCNL, URS) was conducted on 23 patients with a lots of them having pus in the GU tract. It was painful to see 600 deliveries per month being conducted in this centre of Bihar under supervision of midwives & juniors doctor. A German Gynaecologist was there for help doing ceaserians & counseling those deaf ears. One patient had IUD because her husband was not there to given consent & she could not consent for LSCS due to her social pressures. Getting married at age of 11 & bearing children by the age of 13 & being a 16th gravida was a normal thing in the area because of very high neonatal mortality rate. Rupture uterus, PPH, eclampsia too are very common. Women do not have any control on their fertility. They keep on reproducing without adopting any method of contraception and finally when bearing & rearing is complete they opt for abdominal hysterectomy as a method of contraception with the local quacks. They have a very poor genital hygeine & since all of them have husbands working in other states, the prevalence of HIV and STD’s is high. Imagine a village 60 km away from a Railway Station but you need 3 hour to reach there because the road is very bad. Hats off to the care providers and community health workers working in that area to improve the quality of life of people which may take another fifty years or so to improve.

Free Surgical Venture at Nagaland & Dimapur in Nov 2015 in which 80 surgeries were done by Dr George Verghese and training was given to budding surgeons.

Free Surgical Venture at Civil Hospital Joginder Nagar, Mandi, Himachal Pradesh in collaboration with Sree Cement Pvt Ltd & Sumat Parshad Charitable Trust in which Dr George Verghese, Dr Priti Arora Dhamija, Dr Rechal , Dr Anupam, Dr Harwinder, Dr Baljeet performed 34 surgeries.

A free TLH was conducted at Tanvir Hospital, Hyderabad by Dr Meeta Singh & Dr Tanvir in October 2015 to mark the Menopause Month Surgical Activity.

Surgical Venture at Matri Mangal Pratisthan , Kolkata in October 2015 in which 4 surgeries were done for under previlidged women. The surgical team included Dr Nirmala Pipara (Gynaecologist) & Dr K D Bakshi (Surgeon) Dr Anand Sharma, Dr Chinmoy Panja. (Anaesthetist).

Free Surgical Venture at UCMS & GTB Hospital, Delhi in which Five Free surgeries were conducted by Dr.Amita Suneja & Dr. Kiran Guleria of NARCHI, Delhi Chapter in October 2015 to mark Menopause month surgical activity Sponsored by Shree Sumat Parshad Charitable Trust.

Six Free surgeries were conducted at Sant Parmanand Hospital, Delhi by Dr Sonal Bathla, Dr Priti, Dr Poonam & Dr T C Sharma in October 2015 to mark Menopause month surgical activity
Free Surgical Venture at Chandulal Chandrakar Memorial Medical College, Kachandur, Durg, Chhattisgarh in Oct 2015 in which Dr Meena Naik and team operated on 15 poor under priviledged women of prolapse.

National Surgical Venture Oct 2015
National Surgical Venture was organised in the month of Oct'15 by Okti Foundation with Sant Parmanand Hosiptal, Rural Committee IMS, NARCHI Delhi Chapter & RCOG NZ. 69 surgeries were conducted for poor women in different chapters of IMS in different states of India. The financial aid for these surgeries was given by Ms.Sumat Parshad Charitable Trust and ONGC.

Place Surgeon Surgeon No. of Surgeries
Bihar Dr. Sonal Bathla 15
Delhi Dr.Sonal/Dr.Priti/Dr.T C.Sharma 6
Delhi Dr.Amita/Kiran 5
Himachal Pradesh Dr.Priti Arora Dhamija 9
Uttar Pradesh Dr.Sweta Balani 9
Kolkota Dr.Nirmala Pipera 4
Hyderabad Dr.Meeta 1
Chhattisgarh Dr.Meena Naik 15
Nagaland Dr.George Verghese 5

130 Free Surgeries at Sant Parmanand Hospital from January to November 2015 conducted by Dr.Nirmala Agarwal, Dr. Sonal Bathla, Dr.Arbinder Dang, Dr.Sweta Balani, Dr.Priti Arora Dhamija, Dr. Poonam, Dr. Praveen.

Conferences Organized
A Video Workshop on Vaginal Surgery and Urogynaecology was conducted on 18th October 2015 at Sant Parmanand Hospital, Civil lines, New Delhi to mark the “World Menopause Day”. The Workshop was conducted under the aegis of Runal Committee of Indian Menopause Society(IMS), RCOG NZ and NARCHI Delhi Chapter. It was a comprehensive workshop with lectures by National faculty, video sessions, Panel discussions and OSCE station. Dr. Hara Pattanaik & Dr. Vineet Mishra were a part of the programme. Apart from 27 faculty members there were 69 delegates and the workshop was well attended by practitioners as well as PG students. Topics covered included anatomy of female pelvis, urodynamics principles, management of incontinence and video sessions on female cystoscopy, vaginal surgeries for pelvic organ prolapse and stress incontinence, urethroplasty, abdominal sacral colpopexy and hysteropexy to mention a few. The audience response was excellent All the delegates received a Handbook on Vaginal Surgery and Urogynecology. The workshop was extremely interactive and fruitful.

Urogynae Video Workshop

Workshop & Public Forum on Domestic Violence under aegis of RCOG NZ & IMS in December 2015 at Sant Parmanand Hospital, Delhi which was attended by 30 Doctors & 120 Public.

Paper Published

Invited Lectures
  • “Ureteric injury Gynaecologist’s Nightmare” lecture presented on CME on “Urinary tract injuries in Gynae surgeries and bladder dysfunction” at Calicut, Kerala under aegis of IMS and COGS in September 2015.
  • “Anatomy, Physiology and Psychology of Transgender” , Invited lecture at Urogynaec 2015 at Ahmedabad in Oct 2015 under aegis of FOGSI & AOGS
  • “UV Prolapse : Surgical Options” Invited Lecture at The West Zone Annual Conference of Indian Menopause Society at Udaipur on 21st Nov 2015
  • Lecture on “Treatment of adnexal masses” in CME on Common Gynaecological disorders & fetal medicine in Max Saket on 20/09/15
  • Lecture on “Sexual dysfunction and Urogynae problem” presented at Annual Cross Specialty CME of Indian Menopause Society Delhi Chapter at Taj Delhi on 11/10/15.
  • Moderator in Panel discussion on “ Trouble shooting in Vaginal Surgery” in CME on Vaginal Surgery & Urogynaecology at Sant Parmanand Hospital on Oct 2015 under aegis of IMS & RCOG.
  • Video presentation on “Treatment of vault Prolapse at in CME on Vaginal Surgery & Urogynaecology at Sant Parmanand Hospital on Oct 2015 under aegis of IMS & RCOG.

Sessions Chaired
  • Chairperson in a session on Urogynaecology in Fenix 2015, Annual Conference of Delhi Gynaecological Endoscopic Society Organized by AIIMS in New Delhi in August 2015.
  • Chairperson in session on Chromosomal factors in RPL in CME on RPL at Hindu Rao Hospital in September 2015 under aegis of Safe Motherhood Committee of AOGD.
  • Chairperson on Session on Urogynaecology at 37th AOGD conference at India Habitat Centre in Oct 2015
  • Disussant in Session on “Surgical treatment of Incontinence” at the Post Congress Workshop on Urogynaecology & Vaginal Surgery of 37th AOGD conference at VVMC Safdarjung Hospital in Oct 2015.
  • Chairperson in session on ART at the 11th Annual National Conference of Indian Fetility Society at New Delhi on 5th Dec 2015.
  • Chairperson in session on Domestic Violence at Multi Disciplinary Workshop at Sant Parmanand Hospital in December 2015.
  • Debate on “Sacrohysteropexy is prefered over sacrospinous hysteropexy in UV prolapse in 22nd Annual Conference of NARCHI Delhi branch organised by UCMS & GTB Hospital in August 2015
  • “Bladder injury during Caesarean section - Our Experience” at 22nd Annual Conference of NARCHI Delhi Chapter organized by UCMS & GTB Hospital in August 2015.